Focus on Your
Present Senses

Present Senses is a consultancy, providing customized wellness and development solutions to corporates and individual working professionals.

We offer consulting, training, coaching and aromatherapy services, serving your different objectives and needs.

Our Services


Present Senses provides business consulting and advisory services to corporates, mainly focusing on workplace wellness solutions, including employee development and engagement.


Present Senses designs tailor-made activities that can be integrated into your organization’s meetings, training programs, events and offsites, etc. Apart from traditional training sessions for building essential skills in achieving professional development and personal growth, Present Senses launches interactive and innovative workshops, such as LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY®.


Present Senses hosts coaching sessions, supporting working professionals’ wellness. Every working professional is unique in terms of development needs, talents, and challenges, etc.; we explore personalized building blocks of wellness together with the individual working professional.


Present Senses aims to support people’s wellness, including maintaining or improving their conditions of mind, body and soul, via providing holistic aromatherapy solutions with custom blends.

Work with Wellness

Wellness is a key to drive long-term success and happiness; through managing wellness proactively, we can improve our quality of life and sense of well-being.

There are eight key dimensions which include physical, emotional, spiritual, intellectual, social, occupational, environmental, and financial.

Present Senses delivers tailor-made solutions and promotes wellness in a multi-dimensional approach to optimize the result.

Whilst wellness is a choice for an individual to pursue a holistic state of health, workplace wellness is important to keep employees engaged and motivated in order to work collectively in driving the optimal business outcomes.


We are shaped by our past experiences as who we are. The past experiences form vital parts of our learning journeys; they serve as good reflection and reference points to pave our way for future success.

There are a lot of trainings from our school and work about reflecting and learning from the past as well as making plans for the future so that we can advance ourselves towards our personal and professional goals.

Oftentimes, we miss the critical piece – focus on the present!

As busy working professionals, we sometimes forget about living in the present and enjoying the present moment. Being able to accept who we are, identify and understand our current feelings, thoughts, needs and situations are crucial in helping us to become a better version of ourselves as well as to achieve our goals and objectives more effectively with better outcomes.

Focus on your present senses and enjoy the present moment!