Present Senses provides business consulting and advisory services to corporates, mainly focusing on workplace wellness solutions, including employee development and engagement.
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Employees are valuable assets to an organization and employee wellness plays a key role in driving the organization’s long-term success. Creation of wellness oriented working culture with comprehensive workplace wellness program is vital, as healthier and happier employees tend to be more committed and engaged at the workplace.

Present Senses supports working professionals’ wellness in a multi-dimensional way using different interactive and innovative tools, helping them to achieve a better version of themselves and to pursue happiness.

With job satisfaction and high morale, employees bring positive attitudes, optimal physical and mental efforts to work, the collaborative power will help to build high performing team, driving for better results and outcomes that are aligned with the organizational strategic objectives, leading to a more productive and effective working environment, and ultimately to a more sustainable ecosystem.

Employees’ presence with engagement will drive productivity and better business outcomes!