Present Senses aims to support people’s wellness, including maintaining or improving their conditions of mind, body and soul, via providing holistic aromatherapy solutions with custom essential oil blends.

Our high-quality custom aromatherapy blends are based on a variety selection of essential oils, many of the essential oils possess pure, natural and/ or organic ingredients.

Self-care with self-compassion in personal and professional lives is critical to support our overall wellness. Essential oils are extracted from plants which possess healing powers with the potentials to help supporting our wellness and bringing a sense of balance to our lives.

Indeed, every essential oil has its unique qualities with different chemical components and therapeutic properties. Through distinct modes of action to our body, it can have different pharmacological, physiological and/ or psychological effects on us.

Everyone’s aroma experience on an essential oil is unique, depending on one’s inner feeling, emotional state, personality, or association of scents on the basis of an individual’s life experience, etc.

Different essential oils can serve your diverse needs at various occasions, supporting your general good health and well-being. Some essential oils are good for concentration and focus, some are catered for mediation and relaxation, some essential oils work well for uplifting minds, etc.

Find your pleasant scents, enjoy present senses with presents from nature at the present moment! Your wellness is in your hands!