Present Senses hosts coaching sessions, supporting working professionals’ wellness. Every working professional is unique in terms of development needs, talents, and challenges, etc.; we explore personalized building blocks of wellness together with the individual working professional.
Coaching - 4 Stones

We help working professionals to discover their values and to work on their development needs, which can potentially involve behavioral changes, goal setting, problem solving, positive reflections, and unleashing their potentials, etc.

We encourage individuals to take concrete actions and stay committed in making a positive difference in themselves.

Potential discussion topics can be as follows:

Depending on case by case basis, Present Senses will integrate different tools into coaching session, such as LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® methods, visual cards, aromatherapy, etc. The ultimate target is to lead working professionals to achieve transformation in both personal and professional lives and attain overall wellness. The best gift to ourselves is to maintain present and well!